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Founded in 2003, Nutrients Plus® is a fertilizer company guided by the principle of leading self-regulatory actions to improve water quality and the environment by reducing the overuse of chemical fertilizers through sound, research-based programs and proprietary fertilizer formulations, which feature organic matter and its valuable organic ingredients. 

Through the NP Pathway to Solutions system and Clarus® research-based standards,

Nutrients Plus® tests and evaluates natural ingredients from a variety of sources to produce high quality, naturally sourced fertilizer products. For meeting the demand from a wide-range of markets making up a significantly diverse customer base, the Clarus® product line complies with and exceeds standards set by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Organic Program, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and American Association of Plant Food Control Officials.  

Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizers Made by Nutrients Plus®

A hallmark are Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizers Made by Nutrients Plus® Using Clarus® Technology. Nutrients Plus® is widely recognized in the fertilizer industry and academia as a leader in setting rigorous standards for the production of naturally sourced fertilizers. 

The Fertilizer Institute, an international symposium of scientists, invited Nutrients Plus® to present on its research methods and data. In 2013, the U.S. National Park Service selected Clarus® to fertilize the National Mall in Washington D.C. The application has expanded to the other monuments and their grounds District-wide.  In 2009, The Metropolitan Golf Course Superintendents Association and Nutrients Plus® co-sponsored a long-term study with Virginia Tech’s agricultural department to validate the performance of the Clarus® products. Ever expanding, the Clarus® brand is registered and sold in more than 40 states and Canada, and is used by the largest lawn care franchise in North America and 4 of the other 10 largest North American landscapers. 

One beautiful landscape at a time. “We Make Organic Matter®”

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