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Regarding Access to Fertilizer:
Competition and Supply Chain Concerns

For Release 12:00 a.m. – 05/22/2022

John J. Moriarty, president of Nutrients PLUS®, a Virginia Beach-based limited liability company and industry leader in processing biosolids to fertilizer products, submitted testimony to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) regarding Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizers sourced, produced, marketed, and distributed using organic nutrients obtained from biosolids with a waste stream neutral approach to nutrient management.

“The answer is that municipal wastewater output, also known as sludge or biosolids, once properly processed as Class A biosolids, can be a cost-effective raw material to produce high-efficiency, granulated fertilizer, but without the same concentration of expensive chemicals employed in traditional fertilizers.”, says Mr. Moriarty.

With over 20 years’ experience as a leader in integrating organic residuals (such as municipal biosolids), Nutrients PLUS® provides fertilizer solutions for the turf and ornamental sectors across the United States. “The turf market is the fourth-largest in acres and a major consumer of fertilizer products nationally. To the extent that reliance on chemical ingredients to fertilize turf crops can be mitigated, this will reduce the competition for scarce chemicals such as nitrogen, phosphates, and potash for food crops.”, said Mr. Moriarty. The potential for the technology using these renewable sources throughout the United States is equivalent to one-third of the fertilizer currently used on non-food crop agricultural acres, besides what’s been proven for decades in the urban settings..

Biosolids, as a prime ingredient in fertilizer can assist in reducing reliance on these chemicals and has another enormous benefit– clean water. “The vast majority of wet wastewater sludge in the United States is disposed of via land application in concentrations averaging three (3) tons per acre and, as high as 11 tons/acre,” says Mr. Moriarty. “Especially in environmentally sensitive areas such as those in proximity to the nation’s watersheds of the Chesapeake Bay, Great Lakes, Mississippi and Everglades, intensive land application of sludge will create harmful nutrient run-off.”

To read the full text of Mr. Moriarty’s comments, please see the below link to the USDA submission:

Brand names and markets served include Screamin’ Green® distributed by agricultural and professional landscaper outlets in large Nutrients PLUS® Clarus® PRO 50 lb bags, by retail in lawn and garden dealers in Clarus® 20 lb bags and Do-it-Yourself consumers order online offered by My Screamin’ Green® LC in small packaging; Nutrients PLUS® Clarus® 100 that are 100% natural, such as Nutrients PLUS 4-4-2 with 9% Ca listed by Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for growers following the USDA National Organic Program (NOP).


Founded in 2003, Nutrients PLUS® is a fertilizer company guided by the principle of leading self-regulatory actions to improve water quality and the environment by reducing the overuse of chemical fertilizers through sound, research-based programs and proprietary fertilizer formulations, which feature organic ingredients. More info can be found on Nutrients PLUS® and Clarus® Products at


For more information please contact
Kevin M. Neuman, Nutrients PLUS® Media Relations 888-675-7515;  [email protected]


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  • Bob Wilkerson
    on August 10, 2022 Reply

    Mr. Moriarty is spot on. We have so many ways to recycle products it’s amazing. His operation in the state of California has grown over the several years. I use this product and the people around me use this product with great results.

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