Recover Lawns This Summer

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Whole Shebang- Product Overview

Whole Shebang fertilizer is versatile and especially useful during periods of harsh summer weather conditions. Lawns need help recovering after being weakened by summer diseases, drought and localized stress. This is often due to poor soil, steep slopes and other factors that only worsen during periods of high temperatures. The Whole Shebang special formula adds sulfur with valuable organic matter. Nitrogen and potassium sulfates supplement two organic bases. Significant energy is added to the soil, from organic matter, and is excellent for essential microbes to thrive.  Organic matter also has nutrients that release efficiently. The spoon feeding stimulates new leaves yet the loss of nutrients to the environment is avoided. Fertilizer watered into the soil after application, is a good practice and may be just enough to see results within a few days!

Whole Shebang’s Valuable Organic Matter


Clarus Quality Nature BioPure & Nature Pure

CQ Biosolids (with Fe) Made from the Nature BioPure Process

Besides valuable slow-release plant nutrients, biosolids have biologically active substances such as auxins, humic acids, vitamins and amino acids–all well documented to have favorable physiological effects on plant growth.1 Adding biosolids to soil for these other valuable organic substances is also known to make plants hardier with better heat and drought tolerance.2

(1) Zhang, X., Ervin, E.H., Evanylo G.K., Drought Assessment Of Auxin-Boosted Biosolids, WEF/AWWA Biosolids Management Conference 2007
(2) Ervin, Erik, Ph.D., 2008, Budgeting organic matter into programs with fertilizers containing natural and organic ingredients.

CQ Poultry Manure (with Ca) Made from the Nature Pure Process

Nature Pure® is a process that preserves PURE sources of organic matter without the use of driers or heaters. Derived from 100% all-natural composted poultry manure, bioassays reveal an excellent biology ideal for optimizing a soil’s biochemical response immediately upon application.1 Inoculants are not needed. Good microbes are brought to you naturally!

(1) Independent Lab Results

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