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NP Pathway to Solutions

The Nutrients PLUS Pathway To Solutions

Integrates an understanding of the needs of

various customers with the needs of the environment.

This approach inspires us to create innovative fertilizer solutions that serve customers and are in keeping with earth’s natural balance.

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The NP Way

A new, complete and clear path

In the tradition of the indigenous people of North America, a great solution is one that considers all viewpoints. This can be applied to the business world when problems persist because other perspectives are not taken into account. The method for seeking counsel from multiple perspectives is still known as The Medicine Wheel.

Nutrient Plus

Lead self-regulatory actions to improve water quality and the environment by reducing the overuse of chemical fertilizers through sound, research-based programs and fertilizers formulated with natural ingredients.


John J. Moriarty - President

John J. Moriarty – President

John has over 30 years of experience in the Green Industry and received degrees in agronomy from Virginia Tech and forestry from Paul Smith’s College of Arts and Sciences. He has led the company over its 20-year history, relying upon a broad range of experiences in ownership, executive management and senior sales positions throughout the Green Industry. Prior to Nutrients PLUS he was a Vice President at Harmony Products- Chesapeake VA. John presents at national conferences such as The Fertilizer Institute’s Outlook & Technology Conference, Canadian International Turfgrass Conference and Annual International Congress of Algae in Hangzhou, China.

Gregory R. Gill - Ret. CFO

Gregory R. Gill – Ret. CFO

Greg was a co-founder bringing 35 years of financial management to Nutrients PLUS. A CPA, Greg received a BS from the University N Iowa then served in the Army in Viet Nam. He began his fertilizer industry career with Terra International, served in executive positions at such notable companies as the Royster Company where he was Sr. VP, Finance. After Royster, Greg led the acquisition of Nitrex from W. R. Grace & Co. Inc., then joined an investor group to purchase retail operations of Royster. That company was merged with W. S. Clark to form Royster Clark Inc., before it was acquired by Agrium. He helped form Harmony Products, Inc., where he and Moriarty led the management team. Greg Gill’s legacy leaves an indelible mark and we are eternally grateful for his service.
– In Remembrance February 17th, 1946 – April 7th, 2018


Janet M. Moriarty- Marketing Director

Janet M. Moriarty- Administration

Janet Moriarty joined Nutrients PLUS in 2008. Janet has 25 years experience in a broad range of marketing roles. At Nutrients PLUS she has created and implemented innovative marketing programs resulting in new customers and increased sales. For Nutrients PLUS Janet manages all marketing communications, branding strategy, design and production; including product labeling and registration. Ms. Moriarty is a paralegal and holds a B.S. Business Administration degree from St. Mary’s College, Notre Dame, Indiana.

Sylvie P. Adams – Administrative Assistant

Sylvie Adams is a business owner who has joined Nutrients Plus full time, bringing with her excellent office management and organizational skills. Prior to Nutrients Plus, Sylvie’s also an accredited educator requiring strong communication skills which helps in her new Clarus Administration Office setting; interacting with customers, vendors and professionals in banking, accounting, sales and marketing. Sylvie is from Quebec just outside Montreal, bi-lingual, a graduate of College of Florida Keys in Key West, resides with her family in nearby Knotts Island NC and is an active member of her church.


Steven LeGros- Sales Partner, PA

Parks, Grounds & Sports Turf


Steve LeGros, Sales Partner
[email protected]

Barry Draycott- Sales Partner, NJ

Landscape Industry

New Jersey

Barry Draycott, Sales Partner
[email protected]

Randy Atkins- Sales Partner, VA

Landscape Industry


Randy Adkins, Sales Partner
[email protected]

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