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NP Pathway to Solutions

The Nutrients PLUS Pathway To Solutions integrates an understanding of the needs of various customers with the needs of the environment.

This approach inspires us to create innovative fertilizer solutions that serve customers and are in keeping with earth’s natural balance.

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The NP Way

A new, complete and clear path

In the tradition of the indigenous people of North America, a great solution is one that considers all viewpoints. This can be applied to the business world when problems persist because other perspectives are not taken into account. The method for seeking counsel from multiple perspectives is still known as The Medicine Wheel.

Nutrient Plus

Lead self-regulatory actions to improve water quality and the environment by reducing the overuse of chemical fertilizers through sound, research-based programs and fertilizers formulated with natural ingredients.


John J. Moriarty - President

John J. Moriarty – President

John has over 30 years of experience in the Green Industry and received degrees in agronomy from Virginia Tech and forestry from Paul Smith’s College of Arts and Sciences. He has led the company, now approaching its 15th anniversary, relying upon a broad range of experiences in ownership, executive management and senior sales positions throughout the Green Industry. Prior to Nutrients PLUS he was a Vice President at Harmony Products- Chesapeake VA. John presents at national conferences such as The Fertilizer Institute’s Outlook & Technology Conference, Canadian International Turfgrass Conference and Annual International Congress of Algae in Hangzhou, China.

Gregory R. Gill - Ret. CFO

Gregory R. Gill – Ret. CFO

Greg was a co-founder bringing 35 years of financial management to Nutrients PLUS. A CPA, Greg holds a BS from the University N Iowa. He began his fertilizer industry career with Terra International, served in executive positions at such notable companies as the Royster Company where he was Sr. VP, Finance when it was a $350 million company. After Royster, Greg led the acquisition of Nitrex from W. R. Grace & Co. Inc., then joined an investor group to purchase retail operations of Royster. That company was merged with W. S. Clark to form Royster Clark Inc., before it was acquired by Agrium. He helped form Harmony Products, Inc., where he, Moriarty and Ray Grover comprised the management team.

Raymond E. Grover- Director of Supplier Relations, NP Labs

Raymond E. Grover- Director of Supplier Relations, NP Labs

Ray has 40 years of executive experience including NP Labs, an affiliate of Nutrients PLUS and Harmony as part of management team with Moriarty and Gill. He is a graduate of the University of Rhode Island with a BS in Agricultural Chemistry and earned an MBA in marketing from Georgia State. He has held positions with Archer Daniels Midland, where he was part of the team that developed Osmocote, a slow-release resin coated fertilizer. Ray spent 20 years with Royster Company and was Executive Vice President of Nitrex, responsible for nitrogen production facilities in Memphis, TN and Wilmington, NC.


Natalia G. Markovska – Managing Director

Natalia G. Markovska – Managing Director

Natalia Markovska has 15 years experience in finance, accounting, marketing and sales. Bulgaria born she holds an MBA from Technical University of Sofia (Marketing) and an MBA from Old Dominion University (Finance). She started her career as Credit Controller with Mobikom Inc. a market leader in the telecommunication industry in Bulgaria. She then became a Distribution Sales Manager with the same company and helped create a national distribution network. After moving to USA, Natalia became Marketing consultant with Midax Inc. – a software company. In 2010, Natalia joined Nutrients PLUS initially as an intern and prior to her current role, she was promoted to oversee the Financial Department.

Janet M. Moriarty- Marketing Director

Janet M. Moriarty- Marketing Director

Janet Moriarty joined Nutrients PLUS in 2008. Janet has 25 years experience in a broad range of marketing roles. At Nutrients PLUS she has created and implemented innovative marketing programs resulting in new customers and increased sales. For Nutrients PLUS Janet manages all marketing communications, branding strategy, design and production; including product labeling and registration. Ms. Moriarty is a paralegal and holds a B.S. Business Administration degree from St. Mary’s College, Notre Dame, Indiana.

John C. Huber – Manager of Accounts, East Coast

John C. Huber – Manager of Accounts, East Coast

John C. Huber has 25 years experience owning and operating his own professional lawn care company Enviroscapes. John steered Enviroscapes successfully for over two decades by providing the highest quality lawn care service possible. His company set the standard for excellence in communities throughout metropolitan Hampton Roads of Virginia. John became affiliated with Nutrients PLUS in 2002 and was officially named to the management team in 2006. With this background, John quickly adopted Nutrients PLUS’ national platform and led the sales effort since.

Reinaldo Herrera – Manager of Accounts, West Coast

Reinaldo Herrera – Manager of Accounts, West Coast

Ray has 25 years of international business and sales experience. His roots in Caracas Venezuela are highlighted by an aeronautics education at the Air Force Academy and B.S. from Universidad Catholica Andres Bello. Mr. Herrera possesses an energetic, competitive spirit cultivated as a player on Venezuelan’s National Volleyball Team and National Taekwondo Team. In the U.S. Ray gained valuable experience in Florida as a retail buyer of Danish and Belgian goods requiring European travel and more recently, in California, he became proficient as a regional product manager for Ewing Irrigation. Mr. Herrera is an active member of the California Landscape Contractors Association.


Steven LeGros- Sales Partner, PA

Parks, Grounds & Sports Turf


Steve LeGros, Sales Partner
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Barry Draycott- Sales Partner, NJ

Landscape Industry

New Jersey

Barry Draycott, Sales Partner
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Randy Atkins- Sales Partner, VA

Landscape Industry


Randy Adkins, Sales Partner
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