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Quote for All Seasons: Who said “Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication?”

Autumn has arrived with all its colorful brilliance. For some it indicates the changing of leaves from vibrant green to fiery reds, yellows and oranges. And for those who appreciate the attractiveness of a well-cared for lawn, it’s an indicator to ramp up their lawn fertilizer product line to make sure their piece of paradise, whether that means a home lawn, commercial grounds or farm, stays beautiful year-round without adding unnecessary chemicals to our natural resources.

Nutrients Plus can help with our Clarus Technology which is unique to the organic lawn fertilizer industry. We revolutionized the concept of less chemical fertilizer usage with our NP Pathway to Solutions and flagship product, Screamin’ Green®. Screamin’ Green® not only enhances efficiency through Clarus Technology’s innovative prescription for organic nutrients that are gathered and manufactured from around the world, it improves water quality and led the way to becoming the largest recycler of natural ingredients, processing valuable organic matter in blends with traditional lawn fertilizers.

The slogan for Screamin’ Green® is “It Works- All Ways”, says it all!

An up and coming event on November 27-30, 2017 underscores its meaning! The New Ag International- 3rd World Biostimulants Congress in Miami, Florida signifies how our advanced Clarus Technology is used in Screamin’ Green’s® innovative design.

The New Ag International promotes “The purpose of the conference is to review the latest knowledge on biostimulants, increasingly used in worldwide crop production. The event features 66 exhibitors from around the world, including the Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceana. In addition, a panel of distinguished international speakers will discuss the impact of biostimulants on plant nutrition, abiotic stresses and plant growth and development.”

Here is just a sampling of speakers and their presentation topics that collectively only begin to explain the power of fully commercialized Clarus Technology: (Hang in there…) See Full List of Speakers HERE

  • ‘Biostimulation of plant growth response by fractionated natural organic matter- application methods, rates, and chemical characterization’ by Dr Paolo Caricasole, Research Scientist, FBSciences, (USA)
  • ‘Harnessing the Soil-plant Microbiome to Improve Crop Productivity’ by Dr Mylavarapu Venkatramesh, VP Discovery Research, Agrinos, (USA)
  • ‘Theory and practice of using bacterial biostimulants to enhance nutrient use efficiency of crop plants’ by Prof Patrick du Jardin, University of Liege, (Belgium)
  • ‘Chemical characterization of Humic Substances- based raw materials and evaluation of their plant biostimulant activities’ by Dr Alessandro Biasone, Lab Specialist, Valagro Spa, (Italy)
  • ‘Using standards to promote best agricultural practices and credibility of biostimulant claims’ by Kristen Sukalac, Senior Consultant, European Biostimulants Industry Consortium (Belgium)

Who said “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication?” If you guessed Leonardo Da Vinci, you are correct. He’s widely credited with that practical summation. Were he still with us he’d certainly appreciate “Screamin’ Green®- It Works- All Ways” and by “All Ways” you may be recognizing, all of these speakers could be describing Screamin’ Green®.

We anticipate an exciting and informative event. Regardless of the season, our aim is to develop plant nutrition products that perform while also work to protect our natural resources- it’s that simple, always!

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