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One of the beauties of having a lush green lawn is watching your pets enjoy it too! If you have a question about the safety of your pets, check the package to read all the instructions before applying any fertilizer. A lawn treated with our Clarus products such as Nutrients Plus Clarus PRO Screamin’ Green® is a pet safe fertilizer. Your pets can enter immediately after application. We recommend watering the lawn and waiting until it dries before anyone walks on it, this helps activate the fertilizer and accelerate uptake by the roots.

Fertilizer containing organic matter has tremendous benefits over synthetic fertilizers. Years of university research has also proven fertilizers containing organic nutrients are better on the environment. It is reliable and does not harm our water supplies. Our Clarus’ special formula, Screamin’ Green®, combines organic nutrients with the right amount of quick release fertilizer so that all of your plants respond right away and stay healthy and green.

The image shown of our “pet wheel” exemplifies that the quality of our Clarus products not only benefit the soil but also comes around full circle integrating the health of our community at large. What we put into our soil directly affects our pets and their environment.

We value the safety of our fertilizer for your pets and in all ways. Of course, never allow your pets to digest any fertilizer directly from a bag. If your pet digests a huge amount of any fertilizer, there is a possibility of your pet getting sick.

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