Screamin’ Green Saves Lawn!

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Screamin' Green Saves Lawn
At Clarus Choice we talk a lot about water quality and that is important.  But as a company that sells plant nutrients we know that if your grass isn’t green you aren’t going to buy it.

That is why we appreciated Steve Garvey of Phoenix, AZ contacting us about his experience using Screaming Green.


This stuff saved my Bermuda lawn. Before I used Screamin Green, no matter what I did last season, my dirt patches were getting bigger…and this was during last spring &; summer’s growing season here in the desert (Phoenix). A landscaping store said a lot of landscapers were liking Screamin Green, so I tried it at the end of the summer season, and the I noticed a slight quick reversal before the winter dormancy kicked in. I did not overseed with rye grass, so my grass for the winter was yellow, except where the dirt was, which was a lot.

This season I started with the Screamin Green and my dirt spots were 80% gone after 2 months (as bermuda grass likes to expand horizontally), and now 2 months after that, they are 99% gone, with the remaining 1% mostly covered and thickening, as well…

This is the kind of story we love! Phoenix’s watershed is stressed due to drought.  The water for the city comes from the Colorado, the Verde and the Salt Rivers.  This means we are all responsible to reducing the amount of runoff into these valuable water sources for the citizens of Phoenix and all of those cities and towns downstream.  But Steve didn’t want a brown yard!  And using Screamin’ Green he can enjoy a lush green lawn.  This is a win-win!

In the greater Phoenix area, Screamin’ Green is available at numerous Site One Landscape Supply and Ewing Irrigation locations.  Check the convenient map on our website for a location near you! 

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