Award Winning Encina and Nutrients PLUS Announce Partnership on Advanced Fertilizer Products

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Nationally recognized PureGreen Fertilizer to complement Clarus brand fertilizer products after multi-year “NP Pathway to Solutions” research trials

2Virginia Beach, VA and Carlsbad, CA— 03-1-2015 — Nutrients Plus, LLC, headquartered in Virginia Beach VA, and Encina Wastewater Authority (EWA), a public agency based in Carlsbad, CA have announced a unique public-private joint venture that elevates the standards and safety requirements for treating and using biosolids as fertilizer. EWA has been developing and producing PureGreen, an award winning, nationally recognized Class A Exceptional Quality fertilizer for over 9 years. EWA has consistently produced a safe product that is rich in the nutrients and micronutrients essential to the full development of healthy plants. This partnership forges a path for future public – private partnerships in the treatment and reuse of nutrients recovered from waste.

Under this partnership, Nutrients Plus will continue to study the commercial feasibility of a jointly owned and operated facility for reusing recycled nutrients as a premium fertilizer. The partnership also includes a supply agreement, through which Nutrients Plus will purchase PureGreen from EWA. In creating a mission driven business relationship, a public agency and private business have aligned their vision to serve communities by protecting rivers, beaches and oceans through the development of innovative technologies and products in a sustainable and fiscally responsible manner. “EWA is a critical partner in meeting the supply needs for top quality nutrients to produce a new generation of Clarus Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizers. This partnership contributes to an important phase of our expansion and plan for growth into the 21st century” said Nutrients Plus’ founder John Moriarty.

1EWA’s facilities are a model of excellence and innovation in resource recovery: water is recycled for on-site use and retail distribution by its municipal partners; solids are refined to provide inputs to the PureGreen manufacturing process; anaerobic digesters create methane gas that fuels a 3.5 megawatt renewable power production system; and, staff have successfully marketed PureGreen as a soil amendment product since 2012. According to EWA General Manager Kevin Hardy, “Through sound planning and the support of our Member Agencies, EWA has made appropriate investments to convert biosolids into forms appropriately valued in the fertilizer market. We provide compelling value to our owners by protecting the Pacific Ocean and preserving public health and will continue to pursue fiscally responsible, efficient, and innovative means of doing so. Partnering with Nutrients Plus is a natural extension of the PureGreen product portfolio anticipated during the process of developing the Biosolids Management Plan approved by EWA’s Board of Directors in 2008.”

Nutrients Plus and EWA are both leaders in resource management. Through the NP Pathway to Solutions research system and Clarus Quality standards, Nutrients Plus tests and evaluates natural ingredients from a variety of sources to produce high quality, naturally sourced fertilizer products. The Clarus product line complies with and exceeds
standards set by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Organic Program, American Association of Plant Food Control Officials, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Nutrients Plus is widely recognized in the fertilizer industry and academia as a leader in setting rigorous standards for the production of naturally sourced fertilizers. The Fertilizer Institute, an international symposium of scientists, invited Nutrients Plus to present on its research methods and data. In 2013, the U.S. National Park Service selected Clarus to fertilize the National Mall in Washington DC. In 2009, The Metropolitan Golf Course Superintendents Association and Nutrients Plus co-sponsored a long-term study with Virginia Tech’s agricultural department to validate the performance of the Clarus products. The Clarus brand is registered and sold in 40 states and Canada, and is used by the largest lawn care franchise in North America and 4 of the other 10 largest North American landscapers.

EWA has received over 40 awards for organizational performance over the past decade. The National Biosolids Partnership certifies EWA at Platinum, the highest level for excellence in compliance, operations, and self-assessment. Additionally the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recognized EWA’s Biosolids Management Program as the nation’s best in 2006 and recognized EWA as a national leader in green power production from 2011 – 2014. The California Water Environment Association named EWA’s water resource recovery facilities as California’s best in 2005, 2011 and 2013. In addition, EWA staff has won dozens of safety, certification, and leadership awards.

Founded in 2003, Nutrients Plus is a fertilizer company guided by the principle of leading self-regulatory actions to improve water quality and the environment by reducing the overuse of chemical fertilizers through sound, research-based programs and proprietary fertilizer formulations, which feature organic ingredients. More info can be found on Nutrients Plus and Clarus Products at

Founded in 1961, EWA is an environmental leader providing reliable and fiscally responsible water resource recovery services to the communities of Northwest San Diego County. EWA is owned by the cities of Carlsbad, Vista, and Encinitas, the Vallecitos Water District, Leucadia Wastewater District, and Buena Sanitation District. More information about Encina Wastewater Authority and PureGreen fertilizer can be found at and

For more information, please contact:
Susan Long-Molnar, Nutrients Plus; Media Relations 757-513-8633; [email protected]
Eric Have, Encina Wastewater Authority; PureGreen Sales & Marketing 760 268-8817 or [email protected]

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