Nutrients PLUS Brings Ewing to Virginia Beach for NP Tour

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Nutrients PLUS brought Ewing executives and agronomists from all over the country to its corporate Virginia Beach offices in June to tour and meet key partners involved in the company’s expansion of products and services.

Product trials with Ewing began in 2009 and the company has been a customer since. The strategic alignment of the two companies is predicated on Ewing’s mission to conserve water through its irrigation technology. Now with the Clarus®, Ewing can also preserve water with fertilizer, another way to preserve the Ewing brand and its mission to be environmentally responsible and provide sustainable solutions.

A highlight to the event was an overview at Old Dominion University’s Oceanography/Physical Science Building with scientists working with Nutrients PLUS on algae as a fertilizer. Ewing locations in California and other parts of the country have been selling NP’s Clarus 16-2-3, and purchases by Ewing’s East Coast locations will be directed towards the new NP affiliate, Applied Algae Research, Manufacturing and Marketing (AARMM), so that additional research can be conducted.

“We are incorporating the NP approach to our fertility program around the country as the Ewing Way,” said Tim Fernald, Ewing’s National Agronomic Trainer after meeting.

For more information please contact:
Kevin Neuman, Nutrients PLUS, Corporate Development
888-675-7515 or [email protected]

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