Nature Bio Pure ® Biosolids

Clarus Quality (CQ) Biosolid

Made From the Nature BioPure® Process

  • Stringent CQ specifications established for biosolds are met using a process called Nature BioPure® a set of standards required by Nutrients PLUS® for Clarus®100 Organic Products.
  • Nature BioPure® is a modern approach meeting the market’s demand for a fertilizer that achieves results manufactured with the highest quality and sustainability and for generations to come.


Nature BioPure®’s Full List of Accreditations

  • Nature BioPure® biosolids are EQ, Exceptional Quality, a term used to describe a biosolids product that not only meet, but exceed, the EPA’s highest standards for residuals derived from wastewater treatment facilities.
  • Nature BioPure® biosolids that are Clarus® Quality, Nutrients PLUS® trade name describes biosolids product that meets and goes beyond EQ, CQ.
  • Qualified CQ treatment centers throughout the U.S. are only those municipalities that adhere to the Nature BioPure® Process.
  • Nature BioPure® Process for producing CQ Biosolids was developed to achieve an optimum level of elements essential for plant nutrition such as macronutrients nitrogen, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and sulfur to include micronutrients such as iron
  • Nature BioPure® Process limits biosolids to the lowest metal content required by the EPA and have virtually non-detectable levels of any pathogens.
  • Nature BioPure® biosolids biological, chemical and physical characteristics are closely monitored to produce a uniform particle size with high integrity for safe and easy material handling.
  • Nature BioPure®Process was developed in conjunction with wastewater authorities around the country.
  • Nutrients PLUS® is improving communities nationwide as the only company in the world with experience in evaluating treating, drying, granulating, enhancing, marketing, transporting and prescribing applications of CQ Biosolids