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Made From the Nature Pure® Process

Nutrients Plus Fertilizer from Nature Pure

Made From the Nature Pure® Process

  • The stringent CQ specifications established for biosolids is matched by high standards Nutrients PLUS follows for composting poultry manure called The Nature Pure Process.
  • As CQ biosolids goes beyond EPA’s EQ (Exceptional Quality) standards, CQ manure also goes beyond EQ requirements for manure.

Nature Pure’s Full List of Accreditations

  • Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) Listed Certificate
  • Certified organic production- USDA National Organic Program (NOP) rule.
  • Official Labels for state registrations and sale of the product.
  • Independent bioassy: Soil Food Web Lab beneficial microbial results.
  • Ohio EPA registered facility.
  • Technical description of the composting process meeting EPA 503 CFR.
  • Endorsement from The Motz Group for use of 4-4-2 compost on international sports turfgrass sites: Dr. Chuck Darrah, President of CLC labs, Columbus OH.
  • Ongoing Independent Lab Analysis and Testing
  • Technical Summary for Usage in Formulations with Traditional Fertilizers: “A Basis For Classifying The Five Sources of Nitrogen in Clarus PRO Screamin’ Green”.
  • Nature Pure Process improves agricultural communities as Nutrients PLUS leads the nation using PureGreen for urban biosolid residuals.
  • Recycling organic nutrients prevents them from harming the environment and puts them back into plants and balance in nature. The NP Way.