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Nutrients PLUS, based in Virginia Beach VA, is unique to the fertilizer industry.

Since inception, Nutrients PLUS has led the fertilizer industry. It developed the NP Pathway to Solutions system making it the largest recycler of natural ingredients possessing renewable nutrient sources plus valuable organic matter in blends with traditional fertilizer.

The revolutionary idea for curtailing chemical fertilizer use and improving water quality was borne out of a reexamination of the current supply chain used for making and distributing fertilizer. A whole new and sustainable approach emerged featuring nutrient recovery, an added-value delivery platform and proven products with enhanced-efficiency.

What Nutrients PLUS discovered is much more than another new line of fertilizer products. Nutrients PLUS discovered the NP Way and created the NP Pathway to Solutions!

2133 Upton Drive Suite 126-509, Virginia Beach VA 23454  |  Ph: 888-NPK-PL15  |  Ph: 888-675-7515  |  info@nutrientsplus.com
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