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Screamin’ Green® All Seasons Blend
Can Be Used Any Time of Year
Screamin’ Green® All Seasons Blend

• Seasonal Program: Nov/Dec
• Bag Size: 20 lbs
• Coverage: Treats 5000 Sq. Ft.
• Rate: 4 lbs. per 1000 Sq. Ft.
• Use Any Time of Year and When Seeding Apply 16-2-3 Screamin’ Green Within 1-2 Weeks After Germination

A truly amazing fertilizer containing five nitrogen sources that blend beautifully together allowing for an easy to apply treatment. Screamin’ Green® All Seasons Blend is designed to deliver quick results without surge growth and rely on it to perform over several weeks. A favorite of professional landscapers for years Screamin’ Green® is now being made available for use on home lawns under the CLARUS brand name!

Screamin’ Green® All Seasons Blend contains organic matter absent in straight chemical fertilizer. Customers across America are using Screamin’ Green® All Seasons Blend for home lawns, commercial turf, ornamental beds, athletic fields and golf courses. Rich in soil-life stimulating compounds that aid in nutrition and disease suppression; save money by recycling resources inexpensively.

Uptake of less complex substances from organic matter by younger roots makes plants hardier with better heat and drought tolerance. Soils regularly replenished with organic matter produce plants requiring less irrigation. Save water on the landscape and preserve waterways nationally with more effective fertility programs avoiding overuse of salts.

Screamin’ Green® All Seasons Blend is also a powerful option towards self-regulation. Overly restrictive laws are intended to reduce leaching and runoff but our industry (YOU) can play a major role in providing the solution by converting potential wastes into valuable processed granules of organic matter. When blended with conventional sources many synergies result- agronomically, economically and environmentally!
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